Listening is one of our main skills. Listening to you will help us understand what you really need and provide you with effective advice and solutions tailored to your activities and needs.

The owners of Finum are active partners who - together with their team - are firmly rooted in daily practice. For our clients, this is a guarantee of a professional approach, based on in-depth knowledge and years of experience.

We apply the principle of one client, one contact. This makes our communication lines shorter and our service more personal. Of course, there is a ‘backup’ in case your contact is unavailable for any reason.

Accountants mainly work with figures, but we never lose sight of the people behind those numbers. We value the human factor in doing business. Our personal, informal, but correct approach bears witness to this.

“The service provided by Finum accountants goes beyond accounting and balance sheet preparation. Our real added value is that we are able to put ourselves in your place and that, with your knowledge of the facts, we can propose truly effective solutions.”

“Our mission is to enable entrepreneurs to do business by taking the burden of accounting, tax and personnel administration away.

 “Finum understands what entrepreneurs have to deal with and tries to advise and assist them in as many areas as possible. And this involves a lot more than producing spreadsheets. Sometimes we even advise clients on their personnel policy or business organisation.

 “Finum never loses sight of the people behind the figures.”